For over the years, Etalady have got an excellent reputation in china and the Occident with our brand "Etalady". Basic on our quality products, superior customer service and high reliability.
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About Etalady

Etalady is the professional manufacturer and exporter of nail file buffer, manicure tool, pedicure implement and cosmetic accessories. Etalady was established in Yangjiang in 2006. Yangjiang is the manufacturing center of Manicure tools in china.

Eighty percent of our quality products are exported. For over 11 years, Etalady have got an excellent reputation in china and the Occident with our brand "Etalady". Basic on its quality, innovation, superior customer service and high reliability. Now Etalady is the leading nail file buffer supplier in china.

We have worked exuberantly to build a team of developers, who skilled in the area of design and manufacturing, which distinguishes us from other supplier. Our expertise in development and knowledge of the world market enables us to develop innovative products that cater to our different clientele.

We have strive to provide our customer with the best product and service possible from our wealth of knowledge, skills and experience, and that remains to be our goal for the future.

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Our main beauty products:

  • Nail File
    • Zebra Nail File, Disposable File & Buffer, Printed Emery Board, Crystal glass nail file, Sapphire nail file
  • manicure-set
    • Manicure Set, Peicure Kit, Disposable Kit, Makeup Brush Set, Nail Clipper Set, Shoe care kit, Sewing kit
  • Manicure Pedicure accessories
    • Nail Clipper, Nippers, Nail Scissors, Callus Remover Foot File, Pusher, Pumice sponge, Slipper, Toe separator
  • Cosmetic Tools
    • Tweezers, Eyelash Curler, Eyebrow Razor, Powder Puff, Makeup Brush, Mirror and Hair brush

Contact Details

Etalady Yangjiang Limited

Add: No.2, East Xiazhai, Mayan Industrial Park, Yangjiang, Guangdong, China. 529500


Tel: +86-662-3151112

Cel: +86-189 2636 5875

Attn: Ms. Sophy Yang   (Sales Manager)

Skype: Etalady

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