For over the years, Etalady have got an excellent reputation in china and the Occident with our brand "Etalady". Basic on our quality products, innovation, superior customer service and high reliability.
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About Etalady

Etalady Co., Limited was established in 2006 in YangJiang where is the manufacturing center of manicure items in china.

Over 15 years, Etalady has dedicate into Nail File & Buffer, Pumice and Disposable Manicure Pedicure Business.

With 65000 sq.ft factories, 1 nail file buffer factory and 1 pumice factory.

Etalady Nail File Buffer ManuFactory

Etalady beauty tool exhibition

A Leading nail file, buffer and pumice supplier in china.

Sharing a 30% of disposable nail flie buffer market worldwide.

A professional management team.

More than 80 staffs serving over 200 customers worldwide.


Customer Focus, Ease Your Purchase - Etalady

Contact Details

Etalady Co., Limited

Add: No. 1, South Rd Mayan Industrial Park, Yangjiang, Guangdong, China. 529500


Tel: +86-662-3151112

Cel / WeChat / WhatsApp: +86-189 2636 5875

Attn: Ms. Sophy Yang

Skype: Etalady

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Leader nail file buffer manufactory and one time use nail care set producer, the famous OEM/ODM wholesaler brand for disposable nail salon products. If you fant our company cover
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