We have 8 years experience in handling OEM/ODM projects.
Our major 80% business is OEM/ODM business. And our 20% business is in china with our own brand "Etalady"
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R&D and OEM | ODM


Etalady's R&D is conducted in-house design with a team of professional and experienced engineers. The expertise of R&D is product designing, mold development and mass production skills.

Etalady's R&D team is capable of designing product future, function, and material used. The team uses latest market information to develop new designs for different market's need. Various materials such as plastic, POM, wood, steel, ceramic are designed in to diversify product futures.

Etalady leveraged CAD/CAM in housing design to speed up the product developing cycle and engineering changes process. R&D department is equipped with 3D workstation, mock-up machine, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and EDM (Electron Discharge machining) machine. Once receiving the drawings or samples from sales department, engineers use 3D workstation to generate digital data. The mockup machine makes the physical model from digital data in hours instead of days. After the model sample is approved, engineers are able to open molds by CNC and EDM machine.

Etalady's R&D knows how to make affordable production as result of mass production technique with cost effective. Due to having flexible production equipment, Etalady is able to take not only large volume order, but also small amount orders. Therefore, the clients could benefit greatly from HO's efforts.


The entire developing processes are divided into 4 stages, concept, planning, developing, and manufacturing. It takes 20 to 50 days for a new product to release. Prior to products release, project manager track and control the processes to ensure every thing is fine. When a project is drifting off-plan, PMs can bring the project back on track by taking corrective action.


Our major 80% business is OEM and ODM business. Our major OEM market is located in America, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia. With 15 years of OEM experiences, we become a professional OEM manufacturer.

Advanced machineries are utilized in our product designing, cutting, molding, polishing, etching and the finished products. It fully takes advantage of current facilities to develop new products without additional investment. We also continues to invest on state of the art equipments so that Aman's capacity can be reserved for customer future's need. The more important, the quality is improving while the prices remain unchanged or even lower.

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