We have 8 years experience in handling OEM/ODM projects.
Our major 80% business is OEM/ODM business. And our 20% business is in china with our own brand "Etalady"
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Quality Control

QC/Technical Support:

In order to improve the company's competitiveness and quality assurance, we established a quality assurance system based on GB/T19001 standards to meet customers' satisfaction. We have implemented the ISO9001,ISO14001 standards. Currently, we carry out the TQM system.

QC Staff


Procedures/testing Details

IQC: the first step of our QC procedure. All the materials undergo strict tests by our IQC staff before being put to the production lines.

100% QC: every unit is fully checked during production in several important check points.

QA: the finished products undergo random check in accordance with AQL international standard before delivery

QC Training

We regularly provide training programs for our QC staff to update them on the latest QC techniques. All our QC training programs are conducted in-house.

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