A+ Pumice is the main pumice OEM brand in china. A+ Pumice manufactory is the branch factory of Etalady Corp.
A+ pumice is the perfect combination of rigidity, flexibility and abrasives, offering an outstanding usage characteristic.
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Mini Disposable Pumice Bar


Item No: A+101PK
    • Size: 8x3.5x1.2 cm
    • Color: Purple
    • Grit: Coarse, Medium
    • Package: 400 Pcs/Inner, 1600 Pcs/Ctn
foot pedicure disposable pumice pads


Item No: A+101P
    • Size: 8x3.5x1.2 cm
    • Color: Purple
    • Grit: Coarse, Medium
    • Package: 40 Pcs/Pack, 1600 Pcs/Ctn
pedicure foot care pumice stone suppliers


Item No: A+101Y
    • Size: 8x3.5x1.2 cm
    • Color: Yellow
    • Grit: Coarse, Medium
    • Package: 40 Pcs/Pack, 1600 Pcs/Ctn
Disposable Pumice Sponge For Foot


Item No: A+111PK
    • Size: 10x4.4x1.2 cm
    • Color: Purple
    • Grit: Coarse, Medium
    • Package: 400 Pcs/Ctn or 600 Pcs/Ctn
Mini Disposable Pumice Stone For Feet


Item No: A+103T
    • Size:
    • 7x3.5x1.0 cm,
    • 8x3.5x1.2 cm,
    • 9x4.5x1.2 cm,
    • 10x4.4x1.2cm,
    • 8.5x4x1.1 cm,
    • 8x4x1.5 cm,
    • Custom Size
    • Color:
    • Purple, Yellow, White, Blue, Green, Pink or Custom
    • Grit: Medium, Coarse, Extra Coarse
    • Package: 1600 Pcs/Ctn, 400 Pcs/Ctn or 40 Pcs/Pack
Mini Disposable Pumice bar For Feet


1. A Plus Pumice is enough strong with uniform, homogeneous structure. There are no holes, teardrops or any other structural inaccuracy. Therefore our products offer the same usage characteristics all over the outer surface and the inner.

2. The disposable pumice bar works gently to remove hard or callused skin from hands and feet with or without soap.

3. Works quickly, easily and safely to help restore skin's natural softness.

4. Durable, yet, disposable so you can maintain a safe manicure pedicure service.

5. A+ Pumice pads have a distinct marketing advantage that keeps clients coming back.

Looking for professional foot pedicure sponge mini disposable pumice bar factory and exporter ? It is advisable to choose A Plus Pumice as your disposable pumice bar supplier with customized service. As the main pumice stone producer and provider, You can aslo contact us as a wholesaler or distributor.

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