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Nail Shine Buffer Block


Nail Buffing Block Nail Shiner Buffer, Nail Accessory


Item No: EL-1534
    • Size: 89x41x14 mm
    • Color: BR / WG
    • Grit:
    • Package: 1000pcs/ctn
Nail Shine Buffer Block manufacturer


Item No: EL-1536
    • Size: 89x30x30 mm
    • Color: W / PP
    • Grit:
    • Package: 100pcs/ctn
nail buffer blocks and shiner


1. The nail buffer is 4-sided design, each side has a different role.
2. Made of high-quality abrasive grain, it can be polished you nail repeatedly, it can polish phototherapy nails, crystal nails and patch nails.
3. The high-density sponge make you feels more comfortable and does not harm the skin when sanded.
4. It is a common tool for nail salons to polish nail surfaces.
5. Nail polished strips are small and cute, easy to carry, and can be polished to your nails anytime, anywhere.

Etalady is the professional nail buffer manufactory in YangJiang China.
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