Etalady is the leading supplier of disposable nail supplies for professional use. Basis of the original manufacturer for disposable nail file & buffer in YangJiang, we developed the Sanding Bands For Nail Drill Bits, nail care tools ...
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Nail Sanding Band


Item No: EL-SB01
    • Size: mm
    • Grit: 80/120/180
    • Color: Brown, Zebra
    • Package: 450pcs/bag
Nail Drill Bit Sanding Bands for manicures and pedicures


1. Give your hands a break and use these etalady Medium Grit Sanding Bands for your manicure and pedicure filing work!
2. They can be used with any nail drill including the innovative SuperSonic3 Electric Nail File!
3. High quality nail file sanding bands files off acrylic products or nail enhancements quickly.
4. Works well with all nail drills, filing machines and e-files.
5. Saves you time and eliminates hand fatigue while you file nails. 6. Perfect for manicures and pedicures. Can be used for natural nails as well as artificial nails. 7. Great for Electric Nail Drills and other drills bits using sanding bands.

Etalady is the leading manufactory of disposable nail supplies in YangJiang China.
Looking for professional Sanding Bands factory and exporter ? It is advisable to choose Etalady as your nail care tools supplier with customized design service. As the main Nail Drill Bit Sanding Bands producer and provider, You can aslo contact us as a wholesaler or distributor.